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Tourism Industry in Switzerland

Tourism Industry in Switzerland

Written By: Aashish | Published: 2014-07-08 | Category: Industry Insights

Image Courtesy : travelblat Foreign tourists spent $17.4 billion in Switzerland in 2013, a 3.6% increase over 2012, according to the Federal Statistical Office. Tourism figures rose in 2013 after several years of decline due to the strong Swiss franc. According to the latest figures published on Monday, last year international tourists spent CHF550 million more in Switzerland than in 2012. Approximately two-thirds of the CHF15.6 billion total were spent on overnight stays in hotels and touris...

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World Water Summit 2014-15


Image Courtesy : wateryouthnetwork There’s been enough hand-wringing about dilapidated water infrastructure and how governments cannot be relied on to solve the problem. We have all got that now. Water nee...

Generic Drugs Market in Africa


Image Courtesy : abcnews The use of cheaper generic medicines is significantly lower locally than in wealthier, more literate countries, resulting in significant savings for them and higher healthcare costs ...

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Italy Slips Back Into Recession Again


Image Courtesy : hoovers The Italian economy is reported to have slipped back into recession in the first part of 2014. This characterisation is based on a criterion for a recession standard i...

Flipkart Employees With Stock Options Become Crorepatis


Image Courtesy : wordpress The bonanza is reminiscent of the times when thousands of employees, among them office assistants, drivers and receptionists, at another Bangalore-based company Info...

Cisco to Cut 8% of Staff During Rebuilds


Image Courtesy : businessinsider Cisco Systems will shed about 6,000 workers, or 8% of its staff, in a fresh round of job cuts that will bring the reduction in its workforce to 18,000 in the ...

Amazon Takes on PayPal, Debuts Mobile Payment App and Credit Card Reader


Image Courtesy : androidheadlines Amazon.com Inc unveiled a $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for businesses, expanding further into bricks-and-mortar retail and the rapidly evolving mobil...

Telefonica Looks to Shore Up Market Leadership in Brazil


Image Courtesy : http://watchlistnews Spanish telecom giant Telefónica SA is offering €6.7 billion that is, $8.99 billion in cash and shares for Vivendi SA Brazilian operator, GVT, in a mov...

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Indian Medical Devices Market Worth $11 Billion by 2023

Market Research Times2012-12-13

The Indian medical devices market is expected to be worth $11 billion by 2023. According to a recent report by visiongain, a UK based business intelligence provider, India is one of the most profitable markets for medical devices globally. In 2011, $3 billion in sales has been ge...

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Why Gun Culture is the Biggest Threat to Americas Homeland Security

Written By: Aashish | Published: 2014-07-08

Image Courtesy : washingtonpost Nationally, Homeland Security has the power to hold, question and search suspected terrorists, and yet the American homeland remains vulnerable to those among our own citizens who are psychotic, not religiously motivated, and can buy guns more r...



World Water Summit 2014-15

Written By: Aashish | Published: 2014-07-08

Image Courtesy : wateryouthnetwork There’s been enough hand-wringing about dilapidated water infrastructure and how governments cannot be relied on to solve the problem. We have all got that now. Water needs capital investment. In fact, providing sustainable water supply to ...





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