20 June 2018

2013, Chile software and services industries to have a growth of 13-15%

2013, Chile software and services industries to have a growth of 13-15%

According to Jaime Soto, IT association ACTI president, in 2013, Chile’s software and IT services industries are expected to have a 13-15% growth and maintain similar levels compared to the growth rate in 2012 and he also said that, the software sector and the services sector had a growth of 13% and 15% respectively in 2012 and as compared to 2011, as per the data given by IDC figures, published by Business News Americas.

Chile’s software market and IT services were worth US$644mn and US$1.26bn in 2011, according to an IDC report.

According to Soto, in 2012, there was a 25% growth in the number of smartphones in Chile and the growth of such devices is expected to be maintained in 2013 as 4G services will be launched in the country. He said that, in 2013, there would be a major business opportunity given to Chile’s IT sector, which has a strong potential to sell software and services to the SME segment , that will in turn provides an enormous growth for technological development in the country. He also added that, in order to sell software and services to SME’s, both the industry as well as the government must take an initiative to promote technological adoption among micro-entrepreneurs in the country, as published by Business News Americas.

Chile is considered as a politically stable country with a highly transparent business environment and strong economic growth figures. Since the Chile brands are significant, its global image will help the country to become a regional IT services centre. Services exports from Chile could be leveraged throughout Latin America, especially in Colombia and Peru markets.

Chile’s IT services industry would become a regional centre, since the country has strong potential in IT service exports. In order to continue growing in its exports, Chile must continue to promote English speaking. Soto also expected that, The US might become an attractive destination for such IT service exports due to the minimal time difference between the two countries.

Source: bnamericas.com

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