20 July 2018

Adventure Tourism in India

Adventure Tourism in India
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Adventure tourism involves exploration of remote areas, exotic locales and engaging in various activities including trekking, climbing, camping, safaris in jeeps or cycles, whitewater rafting and other water sports.Indian adventure tourism industry is growing slowly and steadily over the years. In a country where adventure sports only meant rappelling and river rafting, the adventure sector is opening up seriously. Adventure travel involves exploration or travel to remote exotic areas, and adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as a tourist seeks different kinds of vacations.

Adventure tourism India has grown tremendously in recent years due to the efforts taken by the Indian government and the Ministry of Tourism. The scope for adventure tourism in India is endless because of its rich diversity in terms of climate and topography. Various kinds of adventure on water, land, and air can be enjoyed in India. The ministry of tourism and culture has, in recent years, launched a campaign called ‘Incredible India!’ and this has given a tremendous boost to adventure tourism in India.

The various kinds of adventure tourism in India include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Skiing
  • Camel safari
  • Para gliding
  • Mountaineering
  • Rafting in white water
  • Trekking

For adventure tourism, tourists are preferring to go for trekking to places like Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Whitewater rafting is also getting popular in India in states like Uttarakhand, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Initiatives of Ministry of Tourism to Promote Adventure Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism has issued Guidelines for Approval of Adventure Tour Operators, which is a voluntary scheme, open to all bonafide adventure tour operators. And as per the policy for the diversification of tourism product of India, special attention is being given for the development of Adventure Tourism in the country. And the Ministry of Tourism has been following up with concerned related Central Ministries with regard to facilitation for development of adventure tourism. As an outcome, the Government of India has given security clearance for opening of 104 additional peaks in Jammu and Kashmir (Leh) subject to stipulations and clearances form State Govt., Home Ministry and other concerned agencies. The opening of the additional peaks is expected to help in positioning the Indian Himalayas as Adventure tourism destination.

The investment required in starting up the business in this stream depends on the type of infrastructure an entrepreneur thinks to set up. It depends on what an entrepreneur plans to do, for example- setting up a camp is an expensive affair but if one plans to be an adventure service provider company, then they need to spend less, as they need money only for technical requirements. And to set up a camp, an entrepeneur needs tent, lights, fencing, food-preparation equipment, ropes, a vehicle for each group and the most important thing is the trainers certified from the Ministry of Tourism.

Investors See Great Potential in the Solid Growth in Adventure Tourism in India

With the international and domestics tourists’ interest in adventure tourism in India poised to grow in the coming years, In 2005, Rs 250-crore Country Club of India Limited invested Rs. 100 crore in wildlife and adventure tourism in India to tap the growing market. Currently investors are seeing a great potential in the market. Companies such as Basecamp Adventures and IHA have completely brought a new idea of providing a trip that is full of adventure at a single place in the same time.

Earlier, people used to plan their adventure trips along with all required equipment and they also had to hire a guide. But now companies have come up with a plan to provide adventure tourist a complete package, a trainer with equipment and all logistics to go on an adventure trip. Not only the planning, but entrepreneurs have set up special infrastructure for tourists to get a complete package of adventure tourism in India. The industry has witnessed a growth of over 500% during the last decade, but infrastructure has not swelled accordingly, mainly because of import duty that one has to shell out to bring in sophisticated equipment required for the sports.

India as an adventure tourism destination has grown in popularity both in the domestic and international market. The industry has seen a boom in the last decade but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Given the right impetus, India could attract half a million foreign adventure tourists and the domestic adventure tourism market can see a ten-fold growth in next five years.

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