20 July 2018

Apple Inc. is leading as the top mobile-phone maker in U.S.

Apple Inc. is leading as the top mobile-phone maker in U.S.

In the US mobile-device market, Apple Inc. has become the top mobile-phone maker ahead of Samsung Electronics Co.

Currently, in the fourth quarter, Apple sold 17.7 million mobile phones in the U.S. with a 38 percent jump as compared to the previous year and gave 34 percent market share and total its shipments had a growth of 4 percent in the quarter to 52 million phones ahead of Samsung which sold 16.8 million handsets for a 32 percent market share. The third largest vendor in the U.S. is LG Electronics Inc., shipping 4.7 million mobile phones for a 9 percent market share, according to the data given by Strategy Analytics, a research firm.

The success of Apple is mainly due to popular iPhones, App Store, generous carrier subsidies and an impressive marketing for the newly launched iPhone5 model, according to an analyst at Strategy Analytics.

In the last quarter, in US Samsung provided cheaper handsets with sophisticated functions with more than 100 million units sold last quarter and hence it was the global leader in mobile phones. There was tough competition between Apple, Samsung and smart-phones makers using Google Inc.’s Android system.

In 2007, Apple had introduced a product named iPhone which became a biggest source of revenue to its Cupertino and California-based companies mainly due to its features which included touch screen, ability to download games and other applications that had attracted the customers. The demand for the Apple products is increasing due to the company’s introductions of new version of their product models approximately every year, and also decreasing prices of their older models at the same time.

Inspite of this growth, Apple still has to face completion and challenges from Samsung along with other companies. In January 2013, Apple had a slowest profit growth as compared to 2003 and the weakest sales increase in 14 quarters, which became a bigger concern for Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer.

Apple relies on just the iPhone, Suwon, but South Korea-based Samsung offers cheaper, more basic phones, as well as larger-screen, more expensive devices. According to an analyst at Strategy Analytics, in 2013 Samsung might regain its top spot in U.S. by releasing new mobile-phone models such as the Galaxy S4.

Recently, Apple launched its Ipad in the market, but Samsung’s tablet sales were more than double as compared to Apple. Thus Samsung and Apple have become dominant rivals in tablet computers as well.

In 2012, Samsung’s market share had increased to 15 percent from 7.3 percent, whereas Apple’s had a decrease to 44 percent from 52 percent and globally tablet sales had surged 75 percent to 52.5 million units, according to the data given by IDC, a research firm.

Currently, in New York Apple fell 0.3 percent to $455.49 with a decrease of 14 percent this year whereas Samsung fell 0.5 percent to 1,441,000 which it was in Seoul trading, and had a decline of 5.3 percent.

Source: washingtonpost.com  Image Courtesy: Ballentine

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