20 July 2018

Australian Healthcare Industry Goes Mobile

Australian Healthcare Industry Goes Mobile

In 2012, the Australian healthcare industry has generated revenue worth A$370 million mainly by using data, voice and mobile services and this does not include revenue generated by sale of mobile apps and devices.

In Australia, there is a change from hospital approach to a personal-driven approach i.e. home care, where people will take care of themselves with help from family, friends and technologies. Hence, mobile health in the near future will become one of the biggest business models creating access for healthcare delivery on a mass basis, according to Rhenu Bhuller, vice president of Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

In 2012, the market for healthcare mobile data, voice and services in APAC was estimated to be A$7.6 billion out of which Australia accounted for almost 5 percent. With the penetration of 3G, 3.5G and 4G rapidly increasing in the country, evolution of transformational business models in the market is predicted by Frost & Sullivan.

Because of the growing coverage of mobile networks and the increasing number of active subscribers, mHealth interventions and the plethora of applications continues to increase. For example, clinical findings to date pinpoint mobile diabetes management systems as the highest growth potential sector presently and for the next four years.

Mobile medical devices are now connected to medical information technology networks and IT networks are these days remotely accessible through the medical devices.

Through the use of mobile devices, patients at home can record glucose analysis, respiratory parameters, blood pressure measurements, and electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings, since these devices have storage capacity, faster computing speeds, ease of use, and portability render mobile devices which becomes an optimal solution in terms of diagnosis and monitoring of chronic conditions.

Medical and healthcare apps are the third fastest growing category for iPhone and Android phones. Currently, in the Apple App store there are 17,000 health care related apps, 60 percent of which are aimed at the consumer.

Source: www.telecomlead.com

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