20 June 2018

Avocado waste conversion into 100% biodegradable plastics by Biofase

Avocado waste conversion into 100% biodegradable plastics by Biofase

The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico. As per the reports given by chemical engineer and founder Scott Munguia, a Mexican company named Biofase has determined to develop 100% biodegradable plastic resins by using the avocado wastes. He said that bioplastics are intended to be a green product, hence new alternative raw materials with renewable products must be used and therefore, avocado seeds are perfect since in Mexico which is one of the biggest avocado producers. The avocado seeds that are thrown out can be used in another form.

Biofase produces resins for processing and mass production for use by other businesses. The company has already patented the technology and is looking for new raw material with the same monomer as avocados. Biofase has two product lines namely Biocom, which is a 100% biodegradable and compostable thermoplastic resin, and Bioblend, which is an additive that can be mixed into petroleum products to make them partially biodegradable.

As per the reports given by Munguia, the Mexican industry throw-out about 30,000 tons of seeds a month and under Biofase’s plan, companies will no longer need to pay third parties to dispose of such waste rather the company would pick the product up and reintegrate it into the production system for a 100% sustainable alternative. He also explained that the seed contains a monomer, which is a small molecular mass that the developers are converting into bioplastics and only after technical feasibility testing; the process was taken for production. He also added that, the main objective of bioplastics is quick disintegration. Petroleum-based plastics that are normally used take a thousand years to disintegrate. There are plastics that stay in the environment indefinitely and that generate significant ecosystem pollution. That’s the reason behind the use of vegetable sources in manufacturing biodegradable plastics.

According to the reports, at present Biofase is in negotiations with Mexican supermarkets that are looking to use resin in their bags along with fertilizer companies who are interested in using the product in their plastic packaging.

According to Munguia, Biofase is evaluating the possibility to develop its own bags, cups and cutlery, but are waiting for the market to show clearer trends. He also added that for Biofase, 2012 was a year to build strategic alliances with potential clients and to send product samples for businesses to perform necessary tests, whereas in 2013, the business plans will officially enter the market. He also gave a report stating that a forecast has been made that; Biofase will make a monthly profit of US$46,000 in the first year with 30 tons a month and have a growth rate of 20% in the first year and for the second, and expect for 60% after the company becomes more experienced.

Source: freshfruitportal.com

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