20 July 2018

Benefits of augmented reality in vehicular safety systems

The report published on Augmented Reality (AR) gives information on the benefits of augmented reality i.e. AR in vehicular safety systems. As per the reports, the  AR represents a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are improved by computer-generated sensory input, that improve the user’s perception of the real world.

According to the report, in vehicular safety systems, AR provides many benefits such as an early warning indication of potential dangers which might occur either dynamically or suddenly in a given area, provides information and feedback between a central monitoring station and the vehicle operator, etc.

The reports say that marketplace will decide on which type of AR systems will succeed.  There are some automobile manufacturers who are providing vehicular safety with AR as a logical extension to their existing solutions. But, other companies depend on the third party companies for turnkey solutions.

This report gives important information to wireless carriers and other service providers, AR application developers, telemetry, telematics and vehicle monitoring companies, automobile manufacturers, OEM, and support companies, emergency service organizations and supporting companies, intelligent transportation strategy and planning organizations.

The report also includes in detail descriptions on various topics such as AR and vehicular safety theory and practice, accidents cases and the use of AR applications in preventing them, the role of telecommunication companies in supporting AR application for safety systems, vehicle communication vendor’s analysis and AR in vehicles market analysis 2012-2016.

The report also provides diagrams for AR on windshields, virtual meters, AR in supporting law enforcement, AR application for security systems, AR in crime preventing, global telematics market 2009-2015 and many more. It also provides company details and information’s of Sierra Wireless, INC., Onstar, LLC, and Qualcomm INC.

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