20 July 2018

Chemical Industry

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Fertilizer industry across the globe has seen a tremendous growth in the last few decades. The drivers of growth are the high demand for products from agriculture and farming sector, which are requiring fertilizers at an all time high quantity. The global demand for agricultural fertilizer has been steadily growing and it is expected to [...]

Image Courtesy : Jackie Weisberg Chemical industry comprises companies that operate by trading and production of chemicals. The global chemical industry has seen great optimistic expectations due to the strong demand in emerging markets. The chemical industry has been an important contributor to the global employment sector and a major driving force in boosting economic stability. With [...]

In Finland, currently the chemical industry has become the most important export industry of the country, but jobs in the chemical industry are on the decrease, as per the latest update given by Yle News. Even though many people have lost jobs in chemical industry, the employment in the industry is comparatively stable, according to [...]

In Turkmenistan, the chemical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the national economy with the huge resource potential, according to the data given by TDH. The largest, mining and processing complex for the production of potash in Central Asia is being built in Lebap district of Garlyk. In addition, in 2012, the [...]

The NDF has allocated 3.6 billion dollars to the development of the country’s petrochemical industry according to an Iranian energy official. Iran is the second biggest petrochemical producer in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and currently has about 55 million tons of installed petrochemical production capacity. The volume of petrochemical production in Iran has [...]

In the chemical industry for the revival in sales, the mature markets of Europe (EU), North America and Japan must wait until the second half of 2013. In 2012, GDP in the EU has decreased by 0.3% and with a 0.4% decrease across the countries which are using the euro i.e. eurozone as expected by [...]

On January 2nd 2013, Altivia Corporation announced that it has been sold for $125 million to Brenntag, the German-headquartered global leader in chemical distribution. Due to this transaction, it will provide an opportunity to Altivia Corporation’s employees and core businesses to join with a global leader and drastically expand their market reach. Altivia Chemicals, LLC, [...]

The department of fertilizers comes under the Central Government Ministries in India namely Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. The ministry functions through two departments namely department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals and the Department of Fertilizers. The main activities of the Department of Fertilizers i.e. DOF mainly includes planning, promotion and development of the fertilizer industry, [...]

The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico. As per the reports given by chemical engineer and founder Scott Munguia, a Mexican company named Biofase has determined to develop 100% biodegradable plastic resins by using the avocado wastes. He said that bioplastics are intended to be a green product, hence new alternative raw materials [...]

As per the report, the UAE plastics industry is mainly driven by construction industry which is focused on products/solutions, and also benefited from UAE’s drive towards green buildings in the recent years, according to BASF, an international leading manufacturer and innovation partner of plastic additives and pigments headquarters in Dubai. According to the reports, a biggest plastics [...]

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