20 July 2018

Consumer and Retail Industry

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Image Courtesy : http://static.guim.co.uk A campaign group has called on the government to introduce a sugar tax to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks. Action on Sugar said it had developed a seven-point plan to curb childhood obesity following a request for its views from the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The measures include bringing in [...]

Image Courtesy : marketingmag This is Walmart’s first such plunge into launching the wholesale cash and carry business online. Globally, Walmart has operations in 11,000 retail units under 71 banners in 27 countries. Through its e-commerce pilot Walmart is targeting over 30,000 people to switch to the online platform in India. The company is targeting [...]

Image Courtesy : renewleeds Indian sport equipment manufacturers are experiencing the strongest demand in the last decade since the surging popularity in Badminton, Volleyball, Football and Cricket. With the improvements in recent occasions and competitions by the Indian compatriots in various countries, the government and new entrants in sports equipment manufacturers have emerged with better developments and [...]

Image Courtesy : popaitaly European retail market is continuously changing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain the conditions and forecasts in the European Debt Crisis. But, the fast booming trends and influences such as growing population, political landscape, developed technologies, scarcity of resourced and economic changes are contributing to the large sum of economic stability [...]

India’s online retail industry seems to be generating a lot of momentum in revenue growth, brand value, and consumer base. As the world is getting more digital friendly, the basic needs- from housing to food, clothes and essential devices, books and electronic equipments; almost all are available and accessible easily on the worldwide web. Traditionally, [...]

Online shopping provides an opportunity to the retailers to sell their products more effectively and efficiently to the customers and hence is not a threat to traditional retail. By adopting online retailing concept, customers can be targeted more specifically online and get to know about their changing habits by monitoring them closely and most importantly [...]

Recycling technology is the main priority for the packaging industry. In the past few years, there were many new ways of recycling method that had come up, such as increasing the recycling rate of aluminium cans, recycle plastic aluminium foil, efficient ways to recycle cartons etc. Aluminium is one of the most future-proof packaging materials [...]

In the IT retail investment sector, E-commerce is given high priority and is at the top of the list for the next 3 years and the online sales is expected to increase by 40 percent in the near future, as per the latest updates given by ComputerWorld UK. For most of the retailers in UK, [...]

Asia has become the most promising market for retailers around the world, having 60 percent of the world’s population along with some of the fastest growing economies in its continent such as India, according to the latest updates given by Big Data analytics. Between 2011 and 2015, Asia projects phenomenal progress in online retailing with [...]

A double digit-growth for the consumer industry in 2013 is predicted by the Philippine Retail Association (PRA), a group of homegrown retailing firms. This growth is driven by continuous growth in retail companies mainly due to a number of local and international retail brands. In 2013, a double-digit growth for the retail sector is expected [...]

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