20 July 2018

Food and Beverages Industry

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Image Courtesy : http://static.guim.co.uk A campaign group has called on the government to introduce a sugar tax to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks. Action on Sugar said it had developed a seven-point plan to curb childhood obesity following a request for its views from the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The measures include bringing in [...]

Image Courtesy : indolinkenglish Dairy activities have traditionally been integral to India’s rural economy. The country is the world’s largest producer of dairy products and also their largest consumer. Almost its entire produce is consumed in the domestic market and the country is neither an importer nor an exporter, except in a marginal sense. Despite being the [...]

The most important driver for long term market prospects remains the expectation of continued demand growth in emerging economies, facilitated by economic growth, increasing population and preference for dairy products. After two consecutive years of favorable price developments, dairy commodity markets witnessed decreasing prices over the first five months of 2012 due to greater supplies, [...]

Image Courtesy : walesonline.co.uk In global dairy production scale, there was a sharp downturn of about 25% in New Zealand’s milk production during its late summer season drought in the early months of 2013 was coupled with a minimum of a six percent drop in China’s milk production during the first half of 2013, the equivalent of [...]

Image Courtesy : domat33f Plastic packaging used for dairy industry is improving with technology and innovation in design, quality, sustainability, efficiency, marketing and distribution. Packaging is the utmost important and high priority aspect of dairy products industry as the products need to be covered, protected, and preserved from various factors that could prove fatal such as atmospheric [...]

Image Courtesy : Horsefeathered Aptly recognized as the sunrise industry, providing vital linkages between the two pillars of our economy- manufacturing and agriculture this industry has undergone a significant transformation. Indian food industry has witnessed strong growth over the past few years and grown to become the second largest producer of food next to China and India [...]

Image Courtesy : Such Pretty Thing Can anyone imagine a food without a colour? Food colouring is one of the major segments in the food and beverage industry. Any food can be sold by adding food colours within the food product, which will significantly attract large number of customers. Food colouring is a common ingredient in most [...]

Image Courtesy : South Florida Food and Wine Argentina has a world-class wine industry and has become the fifth largest producer of Wine in the world, due to which thousands of wine tourists are attracted. These tourists stay at boutique hotels at or near many wineries and taste the local wines produced by this country. Argentina is [...]

In UK, in order to take some action on food waste in Britain’s supply chain, more than a dozen retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, charities and industry bodies, have come together to ensure that the food is not wasted, instead the edible and healthy food is redistributed to those in need. The supermarkets failed to meet the [...]

In 2012, the Irish food and beverage sector had a 32% increase to €726m in the value of merger and acquisition activity. Most of the deals were made between Ireland and US. In Ireland, Glanbia and drinks giant, company named C&C Group Plc had spent around €300m, on acquisitions. In US, the company named Hain [...]

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