20 July 2018

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Tourism Industry in Switzerland

Image Courtesy : travelblat Foreign tourists spent $17.4 billion in Switzerland in 2013, a 3.6% increase over 2012, according to the Federal Statistical Office. Tourism figures rose in 2013 after several years of decline due to the strong Swiss franc. According to the latest figures published on Monday, last year international tourists spent CHF550 million [...]

Image Courtesy : wateryouthnetwork There’s been enough hand-wringing about dilapidated water infrastructure and how governments cannot be relied on to solve the problem. We have all got that now. Water needs capital investment. In fact, providing sustainable water supply to the world’s businesses and communities is going to require hundreds of billions of dollars of [...]

Image Courtesy : abcnews The use of cheaper generic medicines is significantly lower locally than in wealthier, more literate countries, resulting in significant savings for them and higher healthcare costs for South Africa. Humphrey Zokufa, cluster manager of pharmaceutical policy and planning at the department of health, said yesterday: There is no doubt that in [...]

Image Courtesy : washingtonpost Nationally, Homeland Security has the power to hold, question and search suspected terrorists, and yet the American homeland remains vulnerable to those among our own citizens who are psychotic, not religiously motivated, and can buy guns more readily than Sudafed. It’s time America looks up to Canada, where anyone can own [...]

Tourism Growth in Dubai

Image Courtesy : http://theclassytraveler Dubai is planning to build a temperature-controlled city featuring the world’s largest mall and an indoor park, as well as hotels, health resorts and theaters, the developer stated late Sunday. It was not confirmed when construction would begin or what the cost of the project would be. Visitor numbers were boosted by increases [...]

Image Courtesy : http://gabelassociates The installation of measures to help households cut their energy use has crashed in the last year, a campaign group has warned. The number of measures installed collapsed by 60% in 2013, from 1.65 million to 661,000, according to the Energy Bill Revolution campaign. It warned that the installation of measures, [...]

Image Courtesy : bp.blogspot Myanmar, still known as Burma by many, was ruled for decades by a repressive military junta that kept it isolated from the rest of the world. Stiff economic sanctions were imposed by both the EU and the US, and while some Western energy companies were criticized by human rights groups for [...]

Image Courtesy : http://static.guim.co.uk A campaign group has called on the government to introduce a sugar tax to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks. Action on Sugar said it had developed a seven-point plan to curb childhood obesity following a request for its views from the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The measures include bringing in [...]

Image Courtesy : airplanemart For decades, the Boeing 747 was the Queen of the Skies. But the glamorous double-decker jumbo jet that revolutionized air travel and shrunk the globe could be nearing the end of the line. Boeing has cut its production target twice in six months. Just 18 will be produced in each of [...]

Image Courtesy : dhgate The Chinese company Ruyan is credited with first introducing e-cigarettes to the market in 2004. Typically, e-cigarettes consist of a plastic or metal tube, a glowing light-emitting diode tip, and the emission of vapor and commonly resemble cigarettes in size and appearance, although models that do not resemble cigarettes also exist. [...]

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