20 July 2018

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Image Courtesy : washingtonpost Nationally, Homeland Security has the power to hold, question and search suspected terrorists, and yet the American homeland remains vulnerable to those among our own citizens who are psychotic, not religiously motivated, and can buy guns more readily than Sudafed. It’s time America looks up to Canada, where anyone can own [...]

Image Courtesy : airplanemart For decades, the Boeing 747 was the Queen of the Skies. But the glamorous double-decker jumbo jet that revolutionized air travel and shrunk the globe could be nearing the end of the line. Boeing has cut its production target twice in six months. Just 18 will be produced in each of [...]

Image Courtesy : dhgate The Chinese company Ruyan is credited with first introducing e-cigarettes to the market in 2004. Typically, e-cigarettes consist of a plastic or metal tube, a glowing light-emitting diode tip, and the emission of vapor and commonly resemble cigarettes in size and appearance, although models that do not resemble cigarettes also exist. [...]

Image Courtesy : amazon For Amazon, a company whose previous devices have had innovative pricing plans that often involved selling devices at cost, the Fire phone’s uninspired price tag is a surprising disappointment. The world needed a great, cheap smartphone. With its huge reach, obsessive dedication to customer service, and a willingness to forgo immediate [...]

Image Courtesy : lnkd.licdn The European Union and South Korea have joined forces in an attempt to get ahead of the game in developing ultra-fast fifth-generation wireless communications networks. South Korea has one of the fastest mobile broadband networks and is home to Samsung. Europe had led the competition in GSM technology, the original standard [...]

Image Courtesy : http://madeinalabama The robotics industry has slowly emerged from the pages of fiction into an exciting new growth market, at least in part because building robots has gotten cheaper. Smarter computers, better sensors, and cheaper chips are indeed behind the recent boom in robotics. Robot devices have become important tools for the military, [...]

Image Courtesy : static.zdnet There has been an increase in electrin car charging stations across developed and developing countries, especially in India where the untapped potential in EVs is slowiy realizing the market share that one can acquire in the near future. The government is initiating a move to improve and promote use of EVs [...]

Image Courtesy : mshcdn There is that sense of being at the beginning of something new, and part of our future as far as ecology, said McNally-Bradshaw, chairwoman of the American Motorcyclist Association. People think it’s novel. Then they realize it’s powerful stuff. The technology is improving by leaps and bounds. It’s coming. While startups [...]

Image Courtesy : ibtimes Sterling leaps against the dollar. Britain’s manufacturers have started and continued to flourish after new figures showed the sector enjoyed one of the best quarters of the past two decades. The pound limbed to a more than five-year high against the U.S. dollar Tuesday after a stronger-than-expected reading of manufacturing activity [...]

Image Courtesy : lh3.googleusercontent.com General Motors recalled three million cars for ignition switch issues on 16th June, which is roughly doubling the number of GM vehicles with known switch problems in a crisis that has defined the automaker and the new CEO, Mary Barra this year. GM on Monday recalled 3.36 million mid-size and full-size [...]

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