20 July 2018

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Italy Slips Back Into Recession Again

Image Courtesy : hoovers The Italian economy is reported to have slipped back into recession in the first part of 2014. This characterisation is based on a criterion for a recession standard in Europe, two successive quarters of negative growth. However, there are other criteria to define a recession. US standards would treat Italy’s economic [...]

Image Courtesy : wordpress The bonanza is reminiscent of the times when thousands of employees, among them office assistants, drivers and receptionists, at another Bangalore-based company Infosys hit Esop paydirt. About 400 of the employees who own a stake have now become crorepatis, according to someone with direct knowledge of the employee stock option scheme [...]

Image Courtesy : businessinsider Cisco Systems will shed about 6,000 workers, or 8% of its staff, in a fresh round of job cuts that will bring the reduction in its workforce to 18,000 in the past three years, according to The Financial Times. John Chambers, chief executive of the San Jose, California-based networking equipment maker, [...]

Image Courtesy : androidheadlines Amazon.com Inc unveiled a $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for businesses, expanding further into bricks-and-mortar retail and the rapidly evolving mobile payments arena. The move pits Amazon against a slew of rivals including start-up Square, which popularized a card swiper that plugs into a smartphone or tablet and allows small- [...]

Image Courtesy : http://watchlistnews Spanish telecom giant Telefónica SA is offering €6.7 billion that is, $8.99 billion in cash and shares for Vivendi SA Brazilian operator, GVT, in a move to shore up its leadership in Latin America’s largest market. Telefónica expresses that if its bid is successful it plans to combine GVT with Vivo, [...]

Latest Happenings in China Housing Market

Image Courtesy : financialpost China’s economy has been on a rocky path since the global financial crisis of 2008. Many observers have decried the existence of massive excesses in property investment, warning the country’s economy is too reliant on a property bubble that is waiting to burst. Yet China marches ahead. In April, The Financial [...]

Image Courtesy : euobserver.com Sanctions both by and against Russia are hitting the Nordic country hard and there are continuing doubts about whether the government can survive until elections in April. The Finnish economy is thought by some economists not just to be in recession but in a depression. The general approach is that they [...]

Image Courtesy : nationalpost.com The use of experimental, unproven drugs to treat the Ebola virus is ethical, a panel of medical ethicists convened by the World Health Organization found on the 11th. The United Nations health agency’s statement comes hours after a Spanish missionary priest, who was being treated for Ebola with the experimental drug [...]

Image Courtesy : blog.ketchum The convergence of digital technology and apparel represents a huge opportunity as the telecom, electronics, clothing, and accessories industries cooperate to bring wearable technology to the consumer in a very personal way. While some wearable technology examples represent trendy fashion statements, others bring more than form as high function becomes a [...]

Image Courtesy : Chelun Ou With a defense budget of US$10.5 billion in 2013, Taiwan is expected to cumulatively spend a US$59.2 billion on its military during 2013-2018. The country’s military expenditure is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.15% to reach US$12.9 billion by 2018, compared to 2.15% CAGR recorded during the review period. In [...]

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