20 July 2018

Pharma and Healthcare Industry

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Image Courtesy : nationalpost.com The use of experimental, unproven drugs to treat the Ebola virus is ethical, a panel of medical ethicists convened by the World Health Organization found on the 11th. The United Nations health agency’s statement comes hours after a Spanish missionary priest, who was being treated for Ebola with the experimental drug [...]

Image Courtesy : abcnews The use of cheaper generic medicines is significantly lower locally than in wealthier, more literate countries, resulting in significant savings for them and higher healthcare costs for South Africa. Humphrey Zokufa, cluster manager of pharmaceutical policy and planning at the department of health, said yesterday: There is no doubt that in [...]

Image Courtesy : dhgate The Chinese company Ruyan is credited with first introducing e-cigarettes to the market in 2004. Typically, e-cigarettes consist of a plastic or metal tube, a glowing light-emitting diode tip, and the emission of vapor and commonly resemble cigarettes in size and appearance, although models that do not resemble cigarettes also exist. [...]

Image Courtesy : drugdiscoveryalliances.com From birth control pills to antiviral drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has shaped not only how people live, but has also been instrumental in pushing the limits of life itself. It is perhaps not surprising then that global revenues for pharmaceuticals topped more than $600 billion in 2007, with Americans spending $246 billion in [...]

Image Courtesy : Sydney Morning Herald United Nations has always been quite stringent on the production and supply and accountability of drugs and usage, and the recent report by UN drug agency indicated an unprecedented growth in legal highs, or drugs that that have intoxicating events but are not banned by law, and these synthetic drugs are [...]

Image Courtesy : Heart Monitors In the last week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a more collaborative approach aimed at speeding up marketing approval for high-risk medical devices intended to treat patients with serious conditions that have no other treatment options. The proposed Expedited Access Premarket Approval Application program would feature earlier and more [...]

Image Courtesy : Medisoft Software E-health is defined as transfer of healthcare practices by healthcare professionals through electronic means; e-health comprises three main services, they are- management and delivery of health information to patients using internet and telecommunication, usage of IT and E-commerce for improved health products and services and usage of E-business and E-commerce for improved [...]

Image Courtesy : Sanofi Pasteur In the recent times, when technology has been advanced well to minimize tasks and to work more efficiently, the clinical trials market has enormously gained and improved in the last few decades. The level of improvement the clinical trials have achieved has set in motion the drive for innovation and new therapies. [...]

Healthcare industry comprises hospitals, medical research organizations, medical device and equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies- all working towards the services of providing quality medical and health care to patients. Healthcare industry is evolving in many ways, from investments from various corporate sectors, banks and governments but also in technology and advancements in education sector. With improvements [...]

Image Courtesy : Yu-Bin The obesity medical device industry is expected to experience significant change in the near future, as new products come to market, older products see a decline in sales, physician adoption increases worldwide, and supporting device reimbursement is put in place. While bariatric surgery techniques have demonstrated notable improvements in safety and efficacy compared [...]

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