20 July 2018

Comprehensive study of the insulation market in India

The report provides information on electrical equipment market, analyses the growth opportunities, challenges and major drivers of the insulator industry in India.

The new report provides data on different types of insulators on the basis of construction. It also provides insight into the insulator market in India which includes market size and growth of insulators. The report, outlays the competitive landscape of the insulator market in India which provides a brief description on the domestic players existing in the Indian market.

At the starting of the report, an introduction of electrical equipment in India has been given which gives a clear overview of the equipments and also highlights the category it falls in. The report provides a brief analysis on the types of insulators common in India and their requirements at different voltage levels.

As per the reports, the insulators in India are a part of the electrical equipment industry and are largely divided into three types on the basis of material namely Ceramic or Porcelain insulators, Composite or Polymer insulators and Glass insulators.

The market overview section provides details on domestic production and consumption of insulators over the last three financial years, market segmentation of the insulator industry on the basis of volume, import and export figures of different types of insulators in India.

As per the analysis of the drivers, the factor for growth of the industry includes the growth in the power and T&D sector. According to the analysis given, the players in the market might increase their production capacities and the market will gear up to meet the total requirements of ambitious plans of Ministry of Power for power developments in India for the 12th Five year plan to come into effect.

The report also provides information on other drivers which include rapid rural electrification drive by the Indian government, the expansionary plans of Indian Railways and the growth potential of composite polymers. As per the analysis competition from Chinese products and the anomaly of the existing tax structure for insulators are some of the key challenges in the research which is been identified.

The report also contains information on the key initiatives taken by the regulatory bodies such as the Indian Government and the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association i.e. IEEMA.

According to the analysis given, the competition section gives information on the competitive rivalry, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers and threat to new entrants and substitutes. It provides data on the competitive landscape of the insulator market in India which includes domestic players in the market. It also provides a three dimensional analysis of domestic key players revenues, profits and market capitalization.

The key feature of this report includes major domestic players in the market and a snapshot of their corporations, financial performance along with the key financial ratios, business highlights and their product portfolio which provides an overview on the existing competitive scenario.

At the end, this report provides information on strategic recommendations which include an analysis of the growth strategies for the insulator market in India.

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