20 July 2018

E-book ruling gives Amazon an advantage

E-book ruling gives Amazon an advantage

Amazon introduced its latest editions of Kindle e-readers with much anticipation and hoopla. The response had been great but the celebrations on success had met with a lawsuit from Apple Inc. over the name App Store which Apple Inc. also uses. Amazon App Store is powered by Android and is a separate entity altogether. After much deliberate attempts by Amazon, Apple finally dropped the lawsuit after the federal judge ruled that both companies can retain the name App Store for their respective online stores that allows users to download applications, software, games and EBooks.

In recent developments a Federal Judge ruled that Apple had illegally conspired with five of the six biggest publishers to try to raise prices in the budding e-book market. Amazon had previously retaliated on the pricing issue with MacMillan Publishers over raise up to $15 as opposed to $9.99 but had to capitulate to MacMillan’s request.

The verdict of Apple having committed an illegal conspiracy, it seems like an inevitable conclusion and doesn’t tarnish much of e-book readers of iPad generation. The only silver lining is Amazon’s troubling controversies about e-books is the ideas of Jeff Bezos, who many believe has the skill to give tough competition to his competitors and make lots of money for his shareholders.

While Amazon had alleged that Apple conspired and made publishers increase prices, many believe it is Amazon too who had prompted the government to file its suit. Although Amazon denied it, it was Apple who is punished and Amazon is set free to rule e-book dominance. Not just in the department of online readers increased with introduction of Kindles, but also there has been a substantial growth in physical books and its readers.

Amazon as its critics claim is not a non-profit or public trust but a hard-nosed company whose investors hope will make lots of money someday soon. Its shares closed at an all time high value of $292.33 per share, which is a record. Given the improvement in mediums to gather information, with internet and libraries, e-books could shed all the existing infrastructure of publishing. They needed the existing ecosystem such as Kindles.

Source: nytimes


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