20 June 2018

Forecast on Canadian manufacturing industry 2013

Forecast on Canadian manufacturing industry 2013

Forecast on Nova Scotia’s export growth of 17% in 2013 would be a boost to Canada’s manufacturing industry. The growth is mainly driven by natural gas sector, paper mills, and improved U.S. demand, according to Export Development Canada (EDC).

The federal government is aggressively pursuing new trade deals with multiple foreign countries; hence the Canadian manufacturers who export their services will have some bright lights on the horizon.

The opportunities offered by the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union (CETA) in Nova Scotia are a bonus for Canadian industry. For example, consider fish and seafood industry in Nova Scotia. Here, the current tariff is around an average of 11% which can be as high as 25 per cent over and above the cost of transporting goods to Europe. These costly tariffs are likely to be eliminated under the anticipated CETA deal which would be a significant boost for Nova Scotia that employs over 10,000 workers.

On the local side, shipbuilding, defence contracts, the Maritime Link, BP offshore exploration and a convention centre will be additional opportunities given for Canadian manufacturers and exporters. The members of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) recognize the opportunity but sometimes find it difficult to follow the rules given by Controlled Goods regulation to Industrial Benefits privileges, due to which, it creates a challenge for non-governmental groups like CME.

CME is connecting keen industry to new markets with skilled workforce, along with the tools to fill the gaps, by working with partners like McInnes Cooper and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour & Advanced Education.

In 2013, there are some important projects that would be available for manufacturing industry in Canada. To help the Canadian firms to recruit, train and retain skilled workers, industry associations like CME must give an important boost to the players, for which it will be taking help from other NGOs to develop strategic alliances.

CME Global Grads for Manufacturing Exports is an innovative program which includes more than 40 national industry associations to influence all manufacturers in Canada. They are hoping to increase the interest in continuous improvement, LEAN management and other tools to improve productivity. Even, CME’s sponsorship of a Manufacturers’ Executive Council demonstrates the need for strategic direction/management at the highest levels.

With collaboration and more partnerships, Nova Scotia will become the key economic indicators for 2013 in Canada.

For example, Trecan Combustion is a Canadian company which designs and manufactures portable and stationary snowmelters for over 35 years for airports, parking facilities and municipalities. As a leading exporter in Nova Scotia, the company offers a wide range of proven snowmelters with opportunities for customization. It is these qualities that have attracted clients such as The Canadian Armed Forces and the 2010 Winter Olympics, according to Glen Burnett, the president of Trecan Combustion.

Source: ns.dailybusinessbuzz.ca

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