20 June 2018

Global defence survey on global economy of BRIC nations-2013

The report on Global defence provides information on the opinions and strategies of buyers and suppliers for the future growth of the four largest emerging economies, examines their activities for business opportunities in these countries in 2013. The global defence survey report gives information on complete account of the opinions conveyed by executives, so that the person who reads it can judge which of the BRIC nations might really be the drivers of the global economy in 2013 and also provides data which is categorized by company type, region, and company turnover.

In this report, the strategic defence intelligence’s exclusive panel of leading global defence industry companies has given an extensive survey, and also identify the respondent’s current business scenarios with BRIC nations and also demonstrates respondent’s intentions of business dynamics changes in 2013. The report also identifies the leading business concerns that affect business with BRIC nations and understands respondent’s compliance for business with BRIC nations in 2013.

The report gives information on the current market growth along with the growth prospects. As per the survey made, the defence industry supplier respondents have recognized India and China as the key BRIC nations for their current business operations and also that the respondents expect a positive economic outlook for BRIC’s in 2013. The factors which influence recent changes in the market as predicted by the supplier respondents are primarily because of the policy made towards foreign investment in Brazil and Russia and also the availability of skilled labour in India and China.

The report features some of the key points in identification of the perceptions of respondents about the intensity of current business with BRIC nations, and changes made in business conditions and their influence on BRIC nations in 2013. The global defence survey report also analyzes the business expectations of global defence industry respondents within the BRIC nations, uncovers the key issues and challenges that control respondents from doing business with BRIC nations. It also identifies the economic outlook for the BRIC nations in 2013 and highlights the expected changes in business volumes with Brazil, Russia, India, and China in 2013.

As per the data, totally there are 55% of respondents from Asia-Pacific who have declared that they are currently operating their business in India, and 47% of respondents from North America operate their business in Brazil. According to the respondents, there is a major growth in medium and large companies in Brazil and the respondents from small-sized companies have recognized India and China as the major growth markets for business expansion in 2013. Regulatory changes, bad government policies, and poor infrastructure are the foremost concerns for business growth in BRIC nations of any region. There is a forecast given by the respondents from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region that a policy towards foreign investment and the physical infrastructure will progress in Brazil and Russia. The analysis also says that 40% to 60% respondents from the buyer segment are expecting an improvement in the general state of the economy in Brazil and China in 2013 respectively.

The report says that India and China are considered as the most important BRIC markets by 48% and 39% of supplier respondents. According to the survey made by the strategic defence intelligence industry, the buyer respondents relatively prefer to do business with Brazil and India rather than Russia in 2013. Totally 49% of supplier respondents predict that the availability of relevantly skilled labour to improve in China in 2013 and around 60% of buyer respondents predict that there would be no major changes in the future economic outlook of Russia.

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