20 July 2018

Importance given to pharmaceutical industry in Russia’s Kaluga region

Importance given to pharmaceutical industry in Russia's Kaluga region

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In the third Innovation Forum, there were discussions made on the forecast of pharmacology in the Kaluga region of Russia. The forum was held in the city of Obninsk. In this forum, all the representatives of government institutions and leading international and Russian companies of the pharmaceutical market were brought together. The main topic of discussion in the forum was about the localization of Pharmaceutical Production and Research in Russia, practice, trends and prospects.

The prospects of Russian pharmaceutical industry and the job of regional clusters in the creation and implementation of innovative and strategically important medicines were discussed by the representatives in this forum.

The participants in this forum, for the first time discussed about pharmaceutical issues, which includes the issues of cooperation between large companies with research centres and small businesses.

In the forum, Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster and Chemical Cluster Bavaria signed a non-profit partnership agreement of understanding.  In this agreement, there are plans to conduct joint research and speed up the commercialization of scientific research in the field of medical nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and recycling the wastes of pharmaceutical productions.

Due to this event in Russia, even the foreign innovation centres, the centres of cluster development, the leaders of the world pharmaceutical companies from France, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine have also shown interest towards the prospects of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia.

According to the reports given by the reporter of Pravda.Ru, the CEO of NEARMEDIC PLUS Nikolay Nesterenko said that, the forum in Obninsk is a significant component in the development of a very important industry for the country. He also said that, the creation of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster is very good for both the region and Russia as a whole. He even pointed out the interest of foreign companies, which will bring additional resources to the development in the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster along with the interest shown from Russia’s largest manufacturers of medicines.

Some of the largest Russian companies are MR-FARM, Medbiopharm, Bion, JSC Obninsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Company, LLC NEARMEDIC PLUS.  According to Roman Bolgarin the executive director of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster, Obninsk has become the main platform for pharmaceutical companies. He also said that by 2020, Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster might become the leader of the pharmaceutical market.

Source: Pravda.ru

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