20 July 2018

Initiatives taken to resolve manpower crisis in Rubber Industry

manpower crisis in Rubber Industry

In India, rubber industry is one of the major industries among other manufacturing industries. This industry requires a large amount of skilled labourers  who will be involved in producing the end-product of rubber such tyres etc. This article gives you the insights about various plans that are taken to resolve manpower crisis.

Rubber Skill Development Centre i.e. RSDC, which is recently formed has suggested a set of plans to resolve manpower crisis in rubber industry.

The RSDC centre which is headquartered in Delhi has already started their operations towards manpower crisis. The RSDC centre is set up by National Skill Development Corporation i.e. NSDC in association with All India Rubber Industries Association i.e. AIRIA and Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association i.e. ATMA.

As reports given by V. Sajeev Kumar from Business Line, Vinod Simon the chairman of RSDC said that, the centre will help resolving most of the skilling issues in the rubber sector. He also said that, RSDC centre is working towards standardisation of job roles through National Occupation Standards.

According to Vinod Simon, India is facing manpower crisis in rubber industry because, the rubber market is unable to get skilled labourers. According to him; there are around five lakh people who are directly employed in the rubber industry as compared to ten million rubber growers. Hence the rubber industry is capable to generate another half a million jobs in the next 10 years, but there is a significant gap between the availability and demand of trained manpower in the rubber sector which is most unfortunate thing.

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