20 July 2018

Japan’s Food and Drink Industry in 2012

Japan’s Food and Drink Industry in 2012

Japan is the world’s third largest economy, with population of nearly 125 million and has a sophisticated domestic market. As per the reports given by The Japan Times, Japanese consumers are strongly concerned about food safety issues and health conscious which is a major factor which is affecting the food and drink trends in 2012. The major factors that have hit the high-end restaurant in Japan are because of the poor economy and the aging population, according to Nikkei Trendy.

As per the reports, a few restaurants also advise customers on the dishes that might have a beneficial effect on their health and this trend might be followed in 2013 as well.

According to the reports, the usual diet craze surfaced in 2012 with the appearance of the tomato boom, as consuming large amounts of tomato juice would help alleviate metabolic syndrome according to a study, due to which tomato sales stayed higher for longer than typical trend.

Japan’s Food and Drink Market

According to the Japanese government, as a health tip, one of the largely successful new beverages that emerged in 2012 was a health drink. For health-conscious men and women in their 30s to 40s, the cola contains an ingredient that helps reduce the absorption of fat and other tokuho health drinks without the calories have also been popular, due to which more and more products are gaining official recognition.

Reports say that, in 2012, there was a huge success for Koji salt. Along with salt, koji, a domesticated fungus used in the production of miso, soy sauce and sake, is used as a marinade that increases the savoury flavours of meat or fish. It is also used in flavouring packaged foods like potato chips and drizzled on salads and grilled vegetables as a dressing at trendy restaurants. Salty yogurt also gained little popularity compared to Koji salt as there were a number of cookery books utilizing the odd ingredient. Home-made lunch boxes also continued to be popular with the women in Japan making a trend to pack their lunch into plastic tumblers which were popular among dieters as well as the budget-conscious.

In 2012, Gari Gari Kun corn soup on a stick and frozen beer suds were some of the innovative and wonderful new products that became favourites among the Japanese customers in food and drink industry in Japan.

Source: Japan Times

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