20 July 2018

Latest future technologies promoted via Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in North America

Consumer Electronics Show in North America

At the International CES also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, thousands of companies from Fortune 500 stalwarts to aggressive start-ups would meet every year to show-case their next big thing in tech. More than 3,000 exhibitors will participate at the Las Vegas Convention Center, making this year’s CES, the biggest trade show of any kind in North America in January 2013.

Across the globe, around 150,000 people are expected to attend the 46th annual Las Vegas show, and the premier trade association will promote their growth in the $206 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry according to Tara Dunion, a spokeswoman for the Consumer Electronics Association.

In this year’s CES, around 20,000 new products are expected to be launched. Sixty Massachusetts companies will be among the 3,260 exhibitors at the CES, who will promote self-driving cars, ultra HDTVs and home automation apps.

Self-driving cars are allowed only in two states such as Nevada and California. In the future, Google which has been testing self-driving cars since 2009 would also feature the same. Toyota announced that it would use CES to introduce its advanced active safety research vehicle, a Lexus LS 600h equipped with radar, camera equipment and a roof-mounted laser system to allow the car to navigate roads by itself. Audi reportedly will also be demonstrating autonomous vehicle capabilities at the show, including one that allows a car to pinpoint a parking space and park itself, according to Carl Howe, a vice president of Yankee Group’s consumer research group.

At least 10 manufacturers are coming out with Ultra HDTVs offering four times the definition of today’s HD sets. Some of them cost as much as $20,000; and they have to be more than 60 inches, measured diagonally, to make the extra resolution really count, to get movies in UHDTV is not easy are some of the disadvantages of sharper TV, according to Dunion.

For companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple, CES seems to be outdated platform but companies from Asia, mainly from China have high hopes from CES. Hisense, Huawei, Haier, TCL, ZTE which are very popular names/brands in Asia are yet to prove their worth in US consumer and electronics market.  Product positioning in US market is holding the key for Asian giants, as their product name might be alien to US customers, so re-branding and strong marketing skills are very much required to succeed.

Source: bostonherald.comnydailynews.com

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