20 July 2018

Latest updates and trends in Food and Beverage Industry

Latest updates and trends in Food and Beverage Industry

The food industry in today’s market wants to assure sustainable food production by looking for smart strategies and best practices.

For processing plants, business intelligence solutions can provide dynamic, real-time data; offer an immediate solution for plant and project sustainability KPIs. They can also provide highly granular or automatic data collection. Due to these capabilities it enables smart capital deployment, advanced quality, traceability and process management and in-turn promote innovation and collaboration, and also provides a significant competitive advantage to their users.

As per the recent survey given by Leatherhead Food Research, the current objectives that are most important when considering investment in new technology are improving the sustainability of the product, resource efficiency, product innovation and better delivery of new products i.e. quality.

As per the reports given by Cognex India, Barcodes are now commonly used for traceability purpose in food and beverage applications, by allowing a recalled product to be quickly identified and traced back to its manufacturing source, making the recall process easy, which were earlier also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Earlier, food packaging was used to enable marketing of products and also provide inactive protection against environmental contaminations that affects the shelf life of the products. At this point of time, it was essential to trace and track the delivery of food products, which was being shipped to various parts of the globe and thus traceability became a major factor.

Categories of traceability tools

The three categories of traceability tools are product identification (ID) and marking, traceability tools and software, and radio frequency identification devices (RFID) systems.

The most common tracking tool being used is Product ID systems. They include barcoding and imprinting tools that uses tracking numbers to link the finished products back to specific data relating to their production history. Product ID systems also include RFID smart labelling which is a means of product identification that has been adopted by retailers and governmental agencies to track the movement of products throughout the supply chain. Nowadays, laser had also started to become popular.

As per the market research report on trends in RFID use, the prediction for the RFID market, including tags, systems and services, will grow upto $24.50 billion in 2015 compared to $1.94 billion in 2005.

Many businesses have combined RFID with existing technologies such as barcode readers or digital cameras to achieve expanded data capture and tracking capabilities that meet their specific business needs.

Image based technology

The food and beverage industry across the globe has also started with different technologies and trends by implementing the image-based technology in many of its services. This technology helps the reader to capture an image and use a series of algorithms to process the image in order to make it easier to read.

Some of the advantages of Image-based System includes displaying the scanner image on a monitor or industrial display in real time, in displaying exactly what the scanner sees, by which it ensures that the image will include all codes on any package that comes down the delivery, needs little specialized knowledge for both initial setup and later adjustments to improve the scanner’s read rate, is easy to maintain and support.

The disadvantages of Laser are that the users cannot see the image that the scanner is attempting to read, it is difficult to determine the scanner is positioned optimally, especially in omni-directional applications, during operation; laser scanners provide no information to help the user determine why a read was unsuccessful. Data from the scanner indicates only the number of packages that were not read successfully, making any attempts to respond reflect pure guesswork rather than data-driven corrective action.

News Source : fnbnews

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