20 July 2018

Major increase of energy drinks in Afghanistan

Major increase of energy drinks in Afghanistan

According to the report, energy drinks are sold everywhere in modern Afghanistan, which include street carts, corner shops and finest restaurants. It seems that even hard-line Taliban militants know to enjoy one of the many available concoctions to quench their thirst on the battlefield.

As per the report, in Afghanistan, because of little government regulation and no national standards for imported drinks, food, or medicines, the Afghan market is flooded by outdated and low-quality energy drinks which are unfit for sale in other countries. Afghan distributors for foreign beverage companies are selling expired products for discounted prices and some shopkeepers readily buy the inferior products and sell them for a quick profit. Most Afghans like energy drinks and think that it gives them energy and can get rid of tiredness. Energy drinks mostly started with young employed Afghans in urban areas, but presently it has spread to all sectors of society.

As per the statistics, more than two dozen brands have arrived on the market, for a broad spectrum of consumers. Red Bull, the Austrian-made drink, which is popular among young, urban consumers, costs about $1.50, whereas the Thai-made Carabao, which costs $0.75, is popular among the working class.

The report says that, some foreign brands have made their energy drinks gender-specific which means that men can take on a Big Bear mainly marketed for men only, whereas women can sip a high-energy Hot Bird.

Source: rferl.org

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