20 July 2018

Marketing firm DeanHouston Inc gushes with energy industry

Marketing firm DeanHouston Inc gushes with energy industry

As per the reports given by Val Prevish of cincinnati.com, the homegrown energy production is declared as a huge job creator, and a local marketing communications firm, and the company DeanHouston Inc has proved it to be true and the company has continued a steady growth over the last four years, with more than double staff from 15 to 38 and also opened an office this year in Grand Terrace, Calif., near Los Angeles, in addition to its Mount Adams headquarters and an office near Chicago.

Report say that, according to Dale Dean, co-founder of the DeanHouston Inc which is nearly a 25-year-old firm, the growth in his company is mainly due to healthy client relationships in its core business-to-business advertising and marketing services and also the service given to the customers whose business in the petroleum industry were stable during the recession. He also added that U.S. will soon be one of the world’s leading oil exporters.

According to the report, the clients of the company DeanHouston Inc include giants in the extraction, transport and delivery of petroleum fuel, namely Dover Corporation and its subsidiaries such as OPW Fuelling components, OPW Fluid Transfer Group, Texas Hydraulics, and LSI Industries etc. On one of the walls of Dean Houston’s offices, the posters show how these companies and their products such as fuel pumps and valves, hydraulic cylinders and outdoor retail lighting are affecting the consumers every day, from oil and gas extraction and transport, to filling up at the gas station.

According to information given by Inc. magazine, DeanHouston has achieved a three-year growth in revenue of 68 percent, making it one of the fastest-growing private companies in the region and the nation, mainly due to the increase in service for these clients along with the addition of clients such as FRAM Filtration. The company will move into new, larger office space next month from its current spot in the Hixson building in Mount Adams to 625 Eden Park Drive, a few blocks away.

Greg Houston, the founder of Dean Houston Inc, said, the company’s revenue is $6 million this year, up from $5 million in 2011 and the revenue might reach $10 million next year with the projected growth of exploration in shale oil deposits and a subsequent increase in marketing activity by its clients.

Source: News.Cincinnati.Com

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