20 July 2018

Mobile Cloud Computing- The Growing Seed

Mobile Cloud Computing- The Growing Seed

Mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern life and culture as the connectivity, communication and sharing has turned out to be easier and convenient among people. Mobile applications (apps) for that matter reduce the performance of task in span of minutes and help deliver accurate results. Today mobile apps are developed not only for communication but also to learn, recreation, and to earn unlike traditional mobile apps such as ringtone editor, grid based games. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Cloud computing is one of the technologies that have given a great deal of hope for mobile technologies to store and process their data. More and more apps are developed that are more interactive and innovative in nature that keeps the user engaged.

The availability for cloud based services for personal and official use is expanding at an astounding rate. The need to provide centralized management and security for variety of mobile devices is driving the increased adoption of mobile cloud computing and mobile cloud apps. But many businesses are still apprehensive and critical of the technology for various reasons, lack of control over outage apps that impact customer satisfaction. Although there are many challenges in developing mobile cloud application apps, there is an immense growth potential. One such innovative measure is the introduction of widgets.

Over the years, many enterprises have started to utilize and they have moved into cloud computing services. Benefits that Cloud provides are the widespread access to the sophisticated application development environments. For mobile web applications, cloud computing can have an advantage over more traditional technologies as mobile apps and mobile web developers are comfortable to be a part of the cloud computing mobile revolution.  As economical factor being one of the advantages, web application developers are jumping into mobile apps arena as the number of mobile web browser users are increasing at a fast pace.

Mobile apps market is highly competitive and it has been attracting the interest of many stakeholders. According to Gartner, approximately $15.9 billion on mobile apps was spent by the users in 2012 and the revenue is expected to increase more than 60% as the number of Smartphones and Tablets is expected to increase around 140 million devices in 2013. Mobile devices are portable unlike desktop computers. Cloud computing is increasingly becoming mobile and more mobile devices are trying to access the shared pool of data/ resources provided on the cloud; with the feature that allows you to request only when you need. Your personal storage is saved of huge and gigantic amount of data on your personal device.

Mobile apps developers are gaining a lot of insight with how their products are received in the market, along with competitors. Games, the most popular of the apps market that majority of the app developers focus on developing more interactive and innovative experiences. As innovative and interactive feature is the key, many other apps categories are applying the concept and releasing them to a variety of users. Cloud-based applications have had the impact on retail market as real-time inventory updates are the main and important sales generators. There are endless opportunities to innovate and grow for app developers as the mobile technology is expected to stay for a long time.

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