20 July 2018

Online retailing- The Rapid growth for retailers is expected in 2013

Online retailing- The Rapid growth for retailers is expected in 2013

Online shopping provides an opportunity to the retailers to sell their products more effectively and efficiently to the customers and hence is not a threat to traditional retail. By adopting online retailing concept, customers can be targeted more specifically online and get to know about their changing habits by monitoring them closely and most importantly provide a better customer experience and consequently more business for retailers.

Today, online retailing is on a boom, with most of the customers worldwide preferring to shop online rather than spending a lot of time in the store. There are various options given to the customers online such as reviews about the product, cost and also suggestions for purchasing a particular brand.

In the near future, most of the retail stores will be converted into an online retailing centre, where the customers will be given an option to click on a particular product and the in-store staff will use the wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to place the order.

Rapid growth for retailers is expected in 2013, by adopting multichannel approach in its store by means of digital channels, which includes features such as creating online fulfilment centres, providing click and collect services for Wi-Fi consumers and also providing devices for in-store staff that will help them to check stock and also order products for the customers online.

Apart from these features, providing the customers with unique experiences of in-store by using their own mobile devices via augmented reality technology is the major challenge to the online retailers.

In this technology, customers will be invited to the ‘online retail theatre’, where the retailers will provide information about various products, their cost, brand names, utility aspect and its current market trend. Due to the constant communication between the brands and the online retailing store through  large number of mediums (social media), the online retailing fulfilment centre can provide best reviews about the product to the customers and consequently increases the popularity of the online retail store and the branded products associated with it, among the world-wide customers.

Source: theinformationdaily.com

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