20 July 2018

Outlook on Turkmenistan’s Chemical industry

Outlook on Turkmenistan’s Chemical industry

In Turkmenistan, the chemical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the national economy with the huge resource potential, according to the data given by TDH.

The largest, mining and processing complex for the production of potash in Central Asia is being built in Lebap district of Garlyk. In addition, in 2012, the enterprise in Turkmenabat had launched the production of a new type of fertilizer – oksigumat, processing cotton seeds. The enterprise also produces ammonium and meliorant superphosphate.

In the surrounding area of the town of Mary (eastern region of Turkmenistan), a large industrial complex with annual capacity of 400,000 tons of ammonia and 640,000 tons of urea is being built. Implementation of the project will contribute to increase of the annual production of nitrogen fertilizers to one million tons and increase of export opportunities.

In 2012, the demand for polypropylene pipes had increased by two times, that was produced by Turkmenabat enterprise, according to TDH notes. These pipes of various diameters are also produced by the enterprise that is used in a variety of areas such as utilities, communications, construction and agriculture.

The construction of a gas chemical complex in the shortest possible time of 4-5 years will lead to the widespread production of polyethylene and polypropylene, since the gas fields in Turkmenistan contain high build ethane, as per the reports given by TDH. The report also says that various types of polymers are used as means of production for hundreds of items of industrial products, as well as for production of products, serving as raw materials for rubber and rubber technical production. But, a developed gas chemical production is the most important factor that can replace natural gas exports through pipelines.

Large projects of major gas chemical and petrochemical industries would be established within next 10 years.  The utilization of associated petroleum gas and extraction of a liquefied natural gas, synthetic fluids and electricity would be of great importance as well.

There is a steady demand in the world market for ammonia, urea, carbon build-up of production of liquefied natural gas, for which domestic gas processing industry must be developed, is a separate issue in Turkmenistan.

Source: en.trend.az

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