20 June 2018

Overview on global automotive industry

Overview on global automotive industry

Over the next 4 years, China will remain the No.1 global vehicle production country in the world. And U.S will be in the 2nd spot since North America plays a major role in the automotive industry, as per the forecast given by WardsAuto/AutomotiveCompass, a global news-gathering organization.

The total vehicle production among all the global regions is expected to have an increase of 23% by 2018.  And in 2016, China is expected to have a growth in its vehicle production and reach 26 million units, which accounts to 7.5 million unit increase as compared to the growth in 2012.

In 2016, U.S is estimated to have a growth in its vehicle production to reach 1.3 million.

Over the next four years, Japan which is the 3rd vehicle-producing country is expected to have a decrease in its production to around 875,000 units, since other locations will be producing more vehicles. During this period, India will be ranked 4th among all other vehicle producing countries and will go ahead of South Korea and Germany. And by 2015, Volkswagen an Indian car producing company is projected to be the top-producer of cars throughout the world mainly due to its MQB architecture, which will produce several small and midsize cars and also its production of utility vehicles.

In 2012, a total of 31 global vehicle-producing companies accounted for half of the global production, but in 2016, the number of global companies is forecast to reduce to 27.

By 2018, in the global vehicle production, smaller engine vehicles will have a growth of 85% as compared to 82% growth in 2012. And during this period, there would be a shift to smaller engines from the production of vehicles with engines of 4-cylinders or less. North America which is a base for producing vehicles of larger engines will also provide a growth in smaller engine vehicles. As per the report, vehicle productions with engines of 4 cylinders or less in North America is expected to increase to 55% in 2018, as compared to the growth of 47% in 2012.

Source: automationworld.com

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