20 July 2018

Overview on global wind energy industry

Overview on global wind energy industry

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In 2012, there was a 10% growth in the global wind energy market, but the global installed wind energy capacity had increased by 19% to 282,000 MW, as per the report given by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Globally, Canada is the 9th largest in terms of total installed capacity, having more than 6,500MW of wind energy in operation. In 2012, 936MW of new wind capacity was added in the country. Therefore, Canada still remains a global wind energy leader.

In terms of the production of clean wind energy, Ontario is the leader in the Canadean market, having more than 2,000 MW of installed capacity which supplied around 3% of the province’s total electricity demand in 2012. But, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has forecast a record year for new installations of clean wind energy in 2013, with almost 1,500 MW of new capacity likely to be added by spending over $3 billion in the new investment of wind capacity, led by Ontario and Quebec in the country.

In 2012, the wind energy leaders in the world namely U.S and China had installed more than 13,000MW each of new wind capacity.

In the last quarter of the year 2012, more than 8GW of turbines were installed in US, since the developers were in a hurry to complete the installations before the Production Tax credit expires. And in the same year, overall more than 13GW of new wind capacity was added in US.

In Latin America, more than 1GW of new wind capacity was installed in Brazil, which led the Latin American market. In the Pacific region, 358MW of new turbines were installed in Australia.

In Europe, maximum number of installations was from Germany and the UK. But there were some unexpected contributions from the emerging markets in Europe such as Sweden, Italy, Poland and Romania, had around 12.4 GW of new wind capacity in 2012, which is a new record in itself.

The installed capacity in Mexico was 801 MW for a total of 1,370 MW, hence joined the list of 24 countries, having more than 1,000 MW of wind power capacity in 2012.

The annual installations in both India and China were slow in 2012, which was around 2.3GW and 13.2GW respectively. But, in the global market, Asia still leads in terms of the number of new wind capacity installations, followed by North America. But in the near future, US and European markets have the potential to become very strong, according to Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC.

Source: newenergyworldnetwork.com

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