20 July 2018

Power cut in Western Australia to give money to companies

Power cut in Western Australia to give money to companies

As per the reports from Brisbane times, in south and west of Western Australia i.e. WA’s, around 300 companies at 475 sites had agree to cut the power for 2 hrs and in return got paid for it, due to which in Western Australia’s wholesale energy market, the demand for power dropped by about 250 megawatts or around 6% of the market’s capacity.

According to the reports, in eastern states some of the paying companies are getting favours since they are getting customers who are having less demand for power.

As per the reports, in the meeting held last week the Council of Australian Governments has given approval to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s i.e. AEMC final Power of Choice report last month named demand-side participation as its top recommendation.

Whereas the National Energy Market i.e. NEM which is serving the eastern states won’t operate the same way as WA’s, the prospect companies will be permitted to bid called nega-watts into the wholesale market is a big tempt for companies such as EnerNOC.

As pr the report given by Brisbane times, Paul Troughton, manager of EnerNOC for Australia and New Zealand said that, the companies such as EnerNOC and rivals such as ERM, may have to wait for some time for authorities to act on the AEMC’s recommendations for market changes. The authorities must rules such as how much warning users who agree to limit demand will get before they have to shut down a production line or take other steps. He also said that with political support, the expansion of demand response might come sooner than the July 2014. He also added that there could be oppositions from retailers particularly those with generation capacity which have little incentive to see demand curtailed.

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