20 June 2018

Solar Power is the key to meet renewable-energy goals in U.K.

Solar Power is the key to meet renewable-energy goals in U.K.

According to U.K.’s Met Office, there was around 370.7 millimetres i.e. 14.6 inches of rain that fell in June, July and August this year, making it the wettest summer since 1912 and an average solar irradiation is about 6 percent lower than in Germany, the biggest PV market.

The European government is expecting to get 30 percent of electricity from renewable’s by 2020 to meet the EU renewable’s goal, which covers transport, heating and power.

According to the department of energy and climate change, the solar photovoltaic power is on a list of nine technologies, which also includes marine and offshore wind energy and even the U.K. aims to cut emissions by 34 percent in 2020 from 1990 and has a European Union goal to get 15 percent of all energy from renewable sources by then. An initiative is taken by U.K for clean-energy projects which might replace the aging power stations without adding to polluting emissions. The report says that, solar capacity has increased more than fivefold to 1.4 gigawatts in the year through June after costs fell 50 percent and the total electricity output from renewable sources increased to 27 % in July 2011.

According to Ed Davey, energy and climate change secretary, in U.K renewable energy is increasingly powering the economy.

As per the research, renewable-energy companies announced plans for U.K. investments of 12.7 billion pounds from April 2011 through July 2012, and could support as many as 22,800 jobs.

The report says that solar installations have decreased even after the government has cut subsidies for the technology in April and again in July. But, forecast has been made that in U.K, the solar installations capacity might reach around 20 gigawatts by 2020.

Source: Bloomberg.com

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