20 July 2018

Telecom industry is set to grow in 2013

Telecoms industry is set to grow in 2013

In 2013, the worldwide mobile broadband connections are expected to have a growth of 27%, LTE connections to increase by 150% and fiber connections to grow by 28%.

Device companies that are integrating devices and services such as Microsoft, Apple and Samsung are predicted to be in the strongest position to capitalize the growth along with Android OS in the device markets respectively in 2013 according to rcrwireless.com .

The global mobile connections growth will decrease by 7%, with the emerging markets accounting for 89% of net additions in 2013.

Currently, a revenue growth has been witnessed, as the global mobile broadband provides opportunity for operators. It is forecast to have a growth of 19.2% annually, generating $122.9bn in incremental revenue between 2013 and 2016 as per the data published by telecoms.com .

In 2013, Ericsson world’s largest mobile telecommunications equipment maker will be the most successful traditional network infrastructure vendor mainly because of mobile radio access network, core portfolio, and its growing software and services offerings. Companies like Huawei and Cisco will continue to be well positioned. But, all vendors worldwide must deal with the encroachment of software providers in core telecoms software stacks.

In Telco Capital, an US company which is a systems integrator and managed service provider, a lot of pressure is created due to operating expenses. To manage these costs, Telco’s must assure network quality and availability to end-to-end customers. They have to ensure that the customer service functions will not have any burden to resolve technical shortcomings. Monitoring the new business models, manage the customer data by investing in analytics and define their response to over-the-top players are some of the major challenges to the company.

In 2012, the global telecom industry had a slow economic growth as a result of debt crisis in the developed world. The industry in BRIC countries, MEA and developing Asia-Pacific had a stronger-than average growth, but much weaker growth in North America, Europe and developed Asia-Pacific was noted.

Source: rcrwireless.comtelecoms.com

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