20 June 2018

The future of PC world 2013 -3D printers, 4G phones and airborne robots

The future of PC world 2013 -3D printers, 4G phones and airborne robots

The future of PC world 2013 -3D printers, 4G phones and airborne robots

This article provides information on the future of PC world 2013.

In 2013 there will be a craze on touchscreen PC’s due to which tablet computers sales will escalate again, and exciting innovation would be made which involves robotics and jetpacks. Touch-display PCs and notebooks will become popular with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system in the market and Apple, which this year released thin but hard-to-service iMacs and notebooks, might release touchscreen models.

The report also says that, in the first half of next year, Intel is will release a new lower-powered Haswell chips that promise to double the performance of notebooks, but also enormously increase the battery life.

Cheap 3D printers that were tens of thousands of dollars can be now bought for less than $1000 which is capable of creating plastic spare parts for home appliances are likely to gain in the market as consumers understand their potential.

In the future, robotics, Ipad and iPhone attached to stands and wheels will start to roam around rooms, remotely controlled across the internet from another device. As per the reports, the Double, which is an Ipad on a stand, and the Romo, which is an iPhone on tractor-type wheels, will come on to the market. Some commercially targeted jetpacks will hit the market such as Martin Jetpack in 2014 and even Android and Apple entertainment systems in cars will become popular.

The report also says that, Apple TV will hit the market before year’s end. There will be more internet-connected devices that monitor fitness and health levels that are capable of sending data to doctors and also the use of digital wallets on phones for housing credit card details and tickets will increase.

According to the reports, in Australia, with cheaper 4G phones coming to market, the Australians would prefer Telstra’s and Optus’s faster fourth-generation networks and 10 gigabit WiFi which will be available on home networks in the near future. More textbooks will be available in electronic form on tablets and e-book readers.

According to the latest market trends, some tech companies are shaken such as Microsoft will know the fate of its Surface tablet and also Nokia, whose handsets have migrated to Windows. RIM will not survive if its BlackBerry 10 handset, that is to be released next month, would be a flop and some Japanese TV manufacturers are under pressure because of high value of the yen along with the decreased sales in Europe.

Source: theaustralian.com.au

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