20 June 2018

U.S Plastic packaging forecast’s in 2013

U.S Plastic packaging forecast’s in 2013

As per the reports given by Heather Caliendo, Scott Steele, the president of Plastic Technologies said that inspite of packaging industry providing an economical way to protect the goods with brand image, shape, form and function all enhance the product, even today the cost of plastics is a major concern in packaging industry.

According to the reports, the U.S recycling statistics for 2012 were given by the American Chemistry Council and Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers that showed an increase trend in plastic packaging recycling. But according to Steele, the industry, as a whole, can do more to encourage recycling along with letting consumers know how plastics are truly recyclable.

According to the Freedonia Group, the U.S. demand for post-consumer recycled plastic is expected to rise 6.5% per year to 3.5 billion lb in 2016. This growth is expected mainly because of growing prominence on sustainability among packaging and consumer product manufacturers, advancements in processing and sorting technologies which allows a wider variety of plastic to be recycled into high quality resins, and an improved collection infrastructure which raises the plastic recycling rate. Even the support by federal, state, and local governments for recycling efforts will also provide a significant boost to recycled plastic collection, processing and demand.

Report says that polyethylene terephthalate i.e. PET and high density polyethylene i.e. HDPE were the two leading resins used in recycled plastic products in 2011, accounting for over 70% of demand. The demand for PET will is mainly due to rising recycled content in beverage bottles and thermoformed containers. Due to which packaging will continue to be the leading market for recycled plastic even in 2016.

According to NanoMarkets which is a market research firm, today bioplastics represent only about 1% of the total plastics market, but will have growth to 7% by 2020. The consumption of bio-plastics by the packaging industry will be around 1.3 million tons in 2013, and almost 75% of bio-plastics shipped. But, packaging will still have 65% share of the bio-plastics market in 2020 as well. In plastic bottles, bio-PET is expected to replace fossil-based plastics completely and PLA foamed structures are expected to take a major share of the food container segment.

According to PCI Films Consulting, identified 13 emerging flexible packaging markets comprising of Poland, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nigeria and South Africa and these markets collectively valued at $14 billion, has a growth by almost 70% since 2006 and today accounts for 20% of total world demand.

According to Freedonia reports, the demand for pouches in the U.S. is forecast to increase 5.1% per year to $8.8 billion in 2016.

Source: PlasticToday.com

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