20 July 2018

What’s happening in the telecom sector?

What’s happening in the telecom sector?

In recent times, telecom industry has grown exponentially, at the same time; it has been at the helm of many controversies and allegations against it. After the latest debacle of surveillance programs that were alleged to monitor and filter public data, it was alleged that telecom sector is the one providing all the public’s delicate, critical, personal and confidential data. Telecom sector is targeted for its storage of all types of data, from records of telephone calls, text messages, Emails and personal information to the whole record of the individual’s activity and search history- all that activity is done using telecom and internet for various purposes is being given to the government agencies without prior announcement to the public.

While many condemned the program for being secret and surveying without one’s knowledge, it was leaked by one of the employee of the government sector. The leak not only caused huge amass of controversy for both parties but also made the person responsible for this leak to flee and seek shelter in a foreign land. The controversy has not only brought shame and embarrassment to the telecom sector; it has also created a lot of stir in the telecom industry’s companies and resulting in necessary change of their policies.

In addition to all the controversy, telecom industry is performing excellent with the advent of technology; from gaining more subscribers everyday to improving the services. Telecom industry is in many ways a boon to the society and its services such as access to communication, connectivity and reach to wider range of regions has given a lot of hope and excitement. Communication is a necessity for everyday routine to pass, access to communication- by invent of devices, exchange of communication, improvement and introduction of fresh and new technology; everything plays an important role in public’s interest of using the telecom services. There are several factors playing major role in what telecommunication services are providing today; factors such as, shift in traditional telephones (commercial telephones) to VOIP (usage of telephones via internet), steady increase in internet usage for communications and entertainment and continuing evolution of providing advanced wireless technologies such as availability of 3G and 4G services for Smartphones.

The rapid development in telecom sector, especially in technical transformation has given high growth potential for companies that establish, maintain and serve telecommunication facilities. An increased prospect for new entrants in the market has resulted in variety of options to choose from. With growing population and increased penetration in new regions, telecom industry is booming with opportunities. Mobile communication and the internet, two giant technological marvels have brought communication to the closest level of imagination possible. Mobile communication has reached greater heights with its penetration in developed countries being almost perfectly in all regions, developing countries will catch up soon. Internet, on the other hand has revolutionized communication like none ever. Popularity of broadband services, are increasing in demand and are proving to be great generators of unimaginable amount of revenue.

The popularity for broadband has not only increased in creating more data storage and accesses in cloud computing but also the Global Fibre Optic Connector market. As fibre optics are proved to offer services at great speeds, service providers are increasingly moving towards incorporation of fibre optic cables, networks and services to attract larger consumers. The global wireless subscribers’ base is growing rapidly and will continue to do so, as low-cost broadband, telecom packages are offered. With digital age flourishing, users are migrating from buying products to buying services.


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