20 July 2018

Wi-Fi Direct Solutions and Applications

Wi-Fi Direct is intended for sharing media across platforms and doesn’t require routers or central access points. It allows devices to communicate directly with each other. The devices use a “Software Access Point” also called as Soft AP. When two devices get within close range of each other, then the users can merely push a button which will allow the devices to communicate directly with one another and negotiate which device will act as the access point rather than using a central access point.

This report evaluates several WiFi Direct use cases for various application types such as in person-to-person communication where end-users share data or content such as transferring photographs from one user to the other, person-to-device application, and many more.

In the person-to-device application type, the user will communicate with another WiFi Direct capable device for communications such as printing a file on their smart phone to the target device. In the reverse direction the device, a Blu-Ray player, will communicate with the user by ‘pushing’ the video to the user’s tablet device.

The report also provides information on public use cases and application types. For example, the end-user will communicate with a public movie kiosk to download a movie to their smart phone. Similarly, even the public device may ‘push’ data to smartphones in the vicinity.

The report provides in-depth information on various other topics such as Wi-Fi Direct Application Types, Wi-Fi Direct Use Case Analysis, Wi-Fi Direct Ecosystem and Value Chain, and Key Players in Wi-Fi Direct.

Report also highlights important information about Wi-Fi Direct companies which include Broadcom Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd, Hewlett- Packard Company, HTC Corporation, INTEL Corporation, JVC Kenwood Holdings, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility, Qualcomm Atheros, and Samsung Electronics.

This report is specifically useful for WiFi service providers, cellular network operators, WiFi infrastructure providers, Wireless application developers, and computing and wireless device companies.

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